The weather in the mountains is not to be reckoned with. Unpredictable, fickle, variable and in some cases volatile it’s a good idea to have a general idea on what the weather is going to do before you head up the hill.

Weather Hike

Although not 100% accurate modern technology has allowed professionals to make pretty accurate predictions on what the weather will be like and from that we can make a good guess on what it’s going to be like up the mountain.

Not only is knowing what the weather is going to do great for planning your day out on the hill – layers, backpack, extra gloves, thermals etc, it also allows the more experienced skiers plan their routes, lines and tours in the backcountry to avoid avalanche, ice and wind swept terrain.

We have found that snow-forecast is pretty accurate and can give us a good idea on what the weather will do in the shot term.   Whether its planning your drive up to the alps, planning a days touring on the hill, planning what you are going to wear, or even checking the weather back in the UK to get excited about that next big dump, snow-forecast.com is a great place to start.


To get an idea of the monthly snowfall in the area take a look at the –Snowfall History of Tignes – article. This gives you an idea of which months you are likely to encounter large snow falls, and other months during the winter when we experience plenty of sunshine!